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neon pink, blue, yellow, purple, five African American women with cameras and head phones.

About Us

Founded by Corporate strategist and career advisor, Leala Kushner. N.K.P Amplifies the voices of

women allowing them to be bold, outspoken and creative narrators. N.K.P allows women to share

their story in their voice and is dedicated to expanding the world view by telling herstory.

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#New Book Alert

Exhale: 31 Daily Affirmations for Women" invites readers on a transformative journey towards self-love and empowerment. Through daily affirmations and introspective exercises, this book provides a roadmap for women to cultivate a positive mindset and embrace their authenticity. With each affirmation, readers are encouraged to exhale negativity and inhale self-compassion, fostering a deeper connection with themselves


Exhale: A Guide to Self Love

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