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10 Things to Know About Me

Welcome to Nue + Kush. The best way to understand my opinion is to get to know me. So below are just 10 things that influence my opinion.

The first thing is first is I'm a Philly girl born and raised. No matter how many places I travel and live, Philly is home for me. I am always whit the sh!t’s. Next, I am a Selman Woman. Flawless, creative, and superb are just a few words to describe us. My Alma mater is everything, so watch what you say. Third I am an unapologetically black woman. And I stand on that with pride. Fourth you should know I love to eat. You will see many pictures and reviews of food.

            The fifth thing is I am an honest person. Don’t ask me for advice if you don't really want an honest answer. Sixth I don't have my life all figured out, and I reserve the right to change my mind. Seventh, I like a good laugh, so don't take anything I say personally. It could be a joke. Eighth, I have no problem blocking you, so watch your tone in the comment section. Nine, I am building a community for women of color from all walks of life. This is a safe space for all. Ten enjoy the content, like subscribe be honest I want your feedback.

Until next time kisses

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