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The Queen has Arrived

These are just a few words to describe Beyoncé’s new album: inspiring, bold, upbeat, versatile, and original. "Dead Ass”! Beyoncé starts by reminding everyone that she is not only still the Queen of entertainment but is also unapologetic for her icon status. The first track on her album plays as a thesis to the album with proud reminders that are proud declarations:

No one can stop Beyoncé.

  1. Beyoncé is that girl.

  2. Beyoncé loves who she is

  3. Beyoncé loves her man

  4. Beyoncé is passionate

  5. And she still knows how to get freaky

The album sounds like a refreshing take on modern times. There is no subject off the table on this album. The Afro-beat-inspired album titers on political issues and self-awareness. Such as pay equality, maintaining relations during these modern times, and whether one can twerk and go to church. The album embraces themes such as self-love, pride in being black, and uniqueness. Many songs echo the Flawless mantra that Queen B is satisfied with herself, life, and desires.

Each song is followed by a flawless transition that prompts the next song. Although Beyoncé sings a few ballots, Beyonce also freestyles in a poetic manner that shows off her universal talent. There is a song for everyone on the album.

Personal Opinion

To sum up my thoughts. This album is a beautiful soundtrack to complete for the rest of the summer. Beyoncé has provided another classic album. Although I don’t hold an official BeeHive card, I will bring the smoke over this album. Beyoncé created a complete narrative of how I feel about many different subjects instead of feeling like I need to cry. I have an urge to dance away my fears and frustrations.

Her albums give way to the many thoughts that have crossed my mind over the last two years. The journey that this album has taken me on is poetic freedom. For an hour plus, I'm free to just be a woman in love with her liberty.

This album is a family reunion for music lovers alike. I thoroughly enjoyed the complete body of work. Beyoncé is one of three artists that I blindly purchase their full albums. The vibe that this album has put me in is a "groove ."I have listened to this album for three days straight and have no plans of turning on anything else on my iPad. I'm not sure if this article will ever make it to Queen B, but thank you if it does.

Which song from Renaissance is your favorite?

  • Alien Superstar

  • Break My Soul

  • Cuff It

  • Church Girl

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